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Warwick Goble's illustrations to Il Pentamerone, The Book of Fairy Poetry, Grimm's Fairy Tales as well as fairies, goddess, and mythological creatures.

Coming Soon: Warwick Goble's illustrations to Indian Myth and Legend, Folk Tales of Bengal, The Haunted Flute and other Japanese Fairy Tale. Just not scanned yet. I am looking for War of the Worlds to put up here -- please contact me if you can help me out with this.

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Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra

And sweetly singing round about they bed, Strew all their blessing on thy sleeping head The Book of Fairy Poetry

Fairy illustrations

John Milton: Good Luck Befriend Thee


Three Spirits Filled with Joy

The Ferlie

Charles Mackay: The Kelpie of Corrievreckan

Christina Rossetti: Goblin Market

Alfred Lord Tennyson: A Fairy Revel

The Vearies

A Crust of Peacock Pie

William Shakespeare: Ding-Dong, Bell

William Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Fairies on the Sea-Shore

Keats: Four Fairies

Alfred Lord Tennyson: The Mermaid

Lirope the Bright

Plea of the Midsummer Fairies

J.R.R. Tolkein: Goblin Feet

Goble's Il Penteramone Il Penteramone images:

Illustrations to Il Penteramone.

Il Pentamerone 1

Il Pentamerone 2

Il Pentamerone 3

Il Pentamerone 4

Il Pentamerone 5

Il Pentamerone 6

Il Pentamerone 7

Il Pentamerone 8

Il Pentamerone 9

Il Pentamerone 10

Il Pentamerone 11

Il Pentamerone 12

Il Pentamerone 13

Il Pentamerone 14

Il Pentamerone 15

Il Pentamerone 16

Il Pentamerone 17

Il Pentamerone 18

Il Pentamerone 19

Il Pentamerone 20

Il Pentamerone 21

Il Pentamerone 22

Il Pentamerone 23

Il Pentamerone 24

Il Pentamerone 25

Il Pentamerone 26

Il Pentamerone 27

Il Pentamerone 28

Il Pentamerone 29

Il Pentamerone 30

Il Pentamerone 31

Il Pentamerone 32

Dressing the Fairy and Other Illustrations Fairies, Angels, Magical Creatures:

Fairies, Angels, and Magical Creatures.

Three fairies Mad with Joy

Dressing a Fairy


Meeting a Trout

Bird of Paradise

Mermaid Fairies

Wish for a Fountain of Gold

Jewel in Hand

Fairies and Water Babies

Chaucer's Angels

Flowers and Fairies

Meeting the Jellyfish

Dressing a Queen

A Vision

Pandora Goddesses, Myths, and Fables:

Goddesses, Myths, and Fables.

India 1

India 2

Moon Maiden

Peony Lantern

Singing Bird of Heaven

Star Lovers

Zenobia, Queen of Palmyria

Meeting the Jellyfish



A Change


Three Lambs

The Golden Comb

Nautilus Ship




The Origin of Rubies

The Prince of the Jewel

Cleopatra's Own Galley

The Flute

A Most Elegant Young Man

Dressing a Queen

A Vision

Come to the Sea

Decorate the Palace

The Lady Gave her Purse

The Golden Ball

Fairy Tales

Fairy Tale Illustrations.

Friar and Boy

Puss in Boots


Espousal of the Rats Daughter

Fairies at the Cradle

Sleeping Beauty

Red Riding Hood

Beauty and the Beast

Dragon from the Grotto

The Golden Ball

Cinderella and the Glass

Snow Red

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

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