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Gustave Doré Art Images

Gustave Doré, Enigma
Enigma, Gustave Doré

Gustave Doré was a world famous 19th century illustrator. Although he illustrated over 200 books, some with more than 400 plates, he is primarily known for his illustrations to The Divine Comedy, particularly The Inferno, his illustrations to Don Quixote, and Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven.

These art images include Doré's illustrations to The Divine Comedy, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Perrault's Fairy Tales, Don Quixote, Paradise Lost, Contes Drolatiques, Fables de La Fontaine, Tennyson's Elaine, and others.

Latest additions: Added Leviathan to the Bible images. The Crusades. Also, the Rime of the Ancient Mariner is now complete, from the 1876 elephant folio edition. Coming: Idylls of the King and special selections of Gustave Doré Angels and The Darker Side of Gustave Doré (at least a few by Halloween, but many of these can be found now in Rime and Inferno).

Is it or is it not Doré? Some people think Witches Dancing at a Sabbath (La Danse du Sabbat) is Doré and some insist it isn't. This is made more difficult because many works signed by Doré are primarily works done by his apprentices under his direction so being true to type isn't the sole criteria. For example, for Rime of the Ancient Mariner, he had worked with some of his engravers so many times that he sketched the drawing directly on large woodblocks and the engravers completed the work. This is the other signature you see on many of the illustrations. In any case, I'm including it here until it's proven one way or the other. Doré did not sign the finished work unless it met with his approval, which could have been denied for any number of reasons. His signature does not appear on Witches Dancing at a Sabbath but his influence is still apparent.

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Dante Part 1: Images from Gustave Doré's illustrations to The Divine Comedy.

Inferno 1

Inferno 2

Inferno 23

Inferno 25

Inferno 32

Inferno 34

Purgatorio 7

Purgatorio 8

Purgatorio 9

Purgatorio 12

Purgatorio 29

Purgatorio 30

Purgatorio 33

Paradiso 1

Paradiso 2

Paradiso 5

Paradiso 14

Paradiso 34

Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Gustave Dore illustration Part 2: Images from Gustave Doré's illustrations to The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and The Bible. (The *complete* illustrations to the Bible are here ).


Bible 1

Bible 2

Bible 3

Bible 4

Bible 5

Bible 6

Bible 7

Bible 8


Frontispiece, Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Plate 1: Wherefore stopp'st thou me?
Plate 2: The Wedding Guest
Plate 3: Red as a Rose is the Bride
Plate 4: The Ship Fled the Storm
Plate 5: It was Wondrous Cold
Plate 6: The Ice was All Around
Plate 7: The Albatross
Plate 8: I shot the Albatross
Plate 9: I had done a hellish thing
Plate 10: Water, water, every where
Plate 11: The Death-Fires Danced at Night
Plate 12: Nine fathom deep he had followed us
Plate 13: The Death Ship Nears
Plate 14: The Game is Done!
Plate 15: Each cursed me with his eye
Plate 16: No saint took pity
Plate 17: I looked upon the rotting sea
Plate 18: And yet I could not die
Plate 19: The moving Moon went up to the Sky
Plate 20: I watched the water-snakes
Plate 21: The rain poured down from one black cloud
Plate 22: They all uprose
Plate 23: The sails made on a pleasant noise
Plate 24: I fell down in a swound
Plate 25: Two voices in the air
Plate 26: Without wave or wind
Plate 27: The shadow of the moon
Plate 28: In crimson colors came
Plate 29: A heavenly sight
Plate 30: The skiff-boat nears
Plate 31: The Whirl
Plate 32: The Pilot
Plate 33: Oh shrieve me, holy man
Plate 34: Strange power of speech
Plate 35: I know the man that must hear me
Plate 36: The Wedding Guests
Plate 37: So Lonely
Plate 38: The mariner is gone
Sleeping Beauty Part 3: Selected images from Gustave Doré's illustrations to Perrault's Fairy Tales and Fables de la Fontaine and others.
Sleeping Beauty 1

Sleeping Beauty 2

Sleeping Beauty 3

Sleeping Beauty 4

Puss In Boots 1

Puss In Boots 2

Puss In Boots 3

Elaine 1

Tom Thumb 1

Tom Thumb 2

Tom Thumb 3

Tom Thumb 4

Tom Thumb 5

Tom Thumb 6

Tom Thumb 7

Elaine 2

Red Riding Hood 1

Red Riding Hood 2

To Bell the Cat

The Two Goats

The Milkmaid

The Shepherd Wolf

The Lion and the Rat

Cinderella 1

The Hare and the Frogs

The Eagle and the Magpie

The Stag Gazes into the Pond

The Peacock Complains about her Voice

The Grasshopper and the Ant

Fortune Saves the Child

Cinderella 2

Gustave Dore's Jesus Part 4: Jacob Wrestling with the Angel, Jesus, Enigma, and others.


Sarah Bernhardt










Contes Drolatiques

Opium Den

Part 5: Images from Gustave Doré's illustrations to The Raven.


Plate 1 - Title Page

List of illustrations with engravers - page 1

List of illustrations with engravers - page 2

Plate 2 - Nevermore

Plate 3 - ANATKH (Inevitability)

Plate 4 - A Midnight Dreary Plate 5 - Bleak December

Plate 6 - Vainly I had Sought to Borrow

Plate 7 - Sorrow for Lenore

Plate 8 - Nameless Here for Evermore

Plate 9 - Some Late Visitor

Plate 10 - Darkness there and Nothing More

Plate 11 - Dreams No Mortal Ever Dared to Dream Before

Plate 12 - Something at My Window Lattice

Plate 13 - Open here I Flung the Shutter

Plate 14 - Not the Least Obeisance Made He

Plate 15 - Perched Upon a Bust of Pallas

Plate 16 - Wandering from the Nightly Shore

Plate 17 - Other Friends Have Flown Before

Plate 18 - Fancy Unto Fancy

Plate 19 - Velvet Lining

Plate 20 - Respite and Nepenthe

Plate 21 - By Horror Haunted

Plate 22 - Balm in Gilead

Plate 23 - Whom the Angels Name Lenore

Plate 24 - Bird or Fiend!

Plate 25 - Back into the Tempest

Plate 26 - My Soul from out that Shadow

Plate 27 - The Secret of the Sphinx

Part 6: Images from Gustave Doré's illustrations to Milton's Paradise Lost.

Paradise Lost 1

Paradise Lost 2

Paradise Lost 3

Paradise Lost 4

Paradise Lost 5

Paradise Lost 6

Paradise Lost 7

Paradise Lost 8

Paradise Lost 9

Paradise Lost 10

Paradise Lost 11

Paradise Lost 12

Paradise Lost 13

Paradise Lost 14

Paradise Lost 15

Paradise Lost 16

Paradise Lost 17

Paradise Lost 18

Paradise Lost 19

Paradise Lost 20

Part 7: Images from Gustave Doré's illustrations to The Crusades.

The Ottomans Penetrate Hungary

Blondel Hears the Voice of Richard

The Massacre of Antioch

The Discovery of the True Cross

A Celestial Light

Glorious Death of de Maille

Gerard of Avesnes Exposed on the Walls of Asur

Apparition of Saint George on the Mount of Olives

Celestial Phenomena

Death of Baldwin I

An Enemy of the Crusaders

Godfrey Enters Jerusalem

Edward III Kills his Attempted Assassin

Ilghazy Gives Gauthier his Life

A Friendly Tournament

Florine of Burgundy

Death of Frederick of Germany

Assassination of Henry of Germany

Crusade Against the Moors of Granada

Christian Chevaliers Captive at Cairo

For the Defense of Christ

Louis VII

Dandolo Preaching the Crusade

Crusaders Surrounded by Saladinís Army

Gaining Converts

Prayers for the Dead

Godfrey Imposes Tributes upon Emirs

Hospitality of Barbarians to Pilgrims

Mourzoufle Parlaying with Dandolo

Muhammad II before Constantinople

Peter the Hermit Preaching the Crusade

Priests Exhorting the Crusaders

Surprised by the Turks

The Captives

The Cruelties of Bibars

The Baptism of Infidels

Entry of the Crusaders into Constantinople

Richard and Saladin at the Battle of Arsuf

The Crusaders on the Nile

Bohemond Alone Mounts the Rampart of Antioch

The Battle of Antioch

Saint Francis of Assisi and the Sultan

Dishonorable Truce

The Battle of Lepanto

The Crusaders Cross Mount Taurus

The Departure from Aigues Mortes

The Battle of Nicaea

The Order of Chivalry

Barthelemi Undergoing the Ordeal of Fire

The Emirs Head Shown in the Seraglio

The Remains of the First Crusaders

Siege of Ptolemais I

The Sinews of War

The True Cross

Troubadours Sing the Glories of the Crusades

The Crusaders War Machinery

Childrenís Crusade

Syrian Army by a Sand Storm


Invocation to Muhammad

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le néophyte
The Neophyte, Gustave Doré

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