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News and Recent additions

Latest Additions: Some random new images (not from an illustrated work) have been added to Arthur Rackham. More coming!

Not so new: Added 8 pages of biographical information on Adrienne Segur (The Fairy Tale Book). Translated them, too, so I'm still flaunting.

Recent Fixes: The free fairy backgrounds are back on the first page of the fairy gallery. And I added some new fairies. Also see Fairies Prefer to Fly on the blog. Coming soon: Fairy bookmarks you can download and print. The William Morris backgrounds are also restored with some new additions in the William Morris Gallery.

Arthur Rackham, Girl Beside a Stream

Anniversary Freebies: Art Passions will be 10 years old this year! Celebrate with us by downloading some free art prints. Yes, they're really free. Thank you all for being wonderful.

Earlier: Added Daughters of the Stars illustrations to Edmund Dulac gallery. Also added 35 new illustrations to Adrienne Segur. The complete illustrations to Alice in Wonderland and The Red Shoes.

Books: Are you looking for The Fairy Tale Book with the Adrienne Segur illustrations? Don't spend $300 on the original (unless you want to). It has been republished as The Golden Book of Fairy Tales.

Art Passions Blog: Sebastian is going to school in Boulder and the Art Passions Blog is being neglected. No one spins a yarn quite like Sebastian.

Stories: Stories, fairy tales retold, and a little commentary are listed here: Stories, including the Princess and the Pea retold by XineAnn. McGraw-Hill is going to use this story in one of its textbooks so I am motivated to do more, as time allows.

Pages to Color I've also added some of the black and white Anne Anderson illustrations from Grimms Fairy Tales and Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales. These are suitable for printing out for children to color. Images are from The Frog Prince, the Snow Queen and others. These will focus on fine motor skills but are not so detailed as to be frustrating for elementary age children. Are these something anyone wants? If these are popular, write me and I'll do some more.

Site Contents:

Arthur Rackham art

Arthur Rackham

Really, too many Rackham illustrations to list, including Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, Alice in Wonderland, Mother Goose, Gulliver's Travels, Wind in the Willows.

Also Twilight of the Gods, The Ring, The Wonder Book, Goblin Market, and others.

Most recent: Complete The Wonder Book.

Edmund Dulac

Edmund Dulac

Edmund Dulac's illustrations grace such hard-to-find classics as his Dreamer of Dreams, The Fairy Book, and his Picture Book for the Red Cross.

Also: Arabian Nights, Sinbad the Sailor, and The Rubaiyat.

Most recent: More and better Rubaiyat images and the complete illustrations to Beauty and the Beast. Edmund Dulac's Picture Book for the Red Cross.

Kay Nielsen

Kay Nielsen

Kay Nielsen illustrations to Grimm's Fairy Tales, Old Tales from the North, Twelve Dancing Princesses, Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales and others.

Most recent: Added illustrations to Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales.

John Bauer

John Bauer

John Bauer's famous trolls and illustrations to nordic myths and tales.

Most recent: Sagovarld (Great Swedish Fairy Tales / Swedish Folk Tales), Lapp Folk, Our Fathers' Godsaga, more.

Maxfield Parrish

Maxfield Parrish

Dinky Bird, Ecstasy, Cinderella, and others. Maxfield Parrish illustrations to Poems of Childhood and elsewhere.

Most recent: 14 new images images have been added to Maxfield Parrish. Replaced some older poorer quality images with new scans.

Adrienne Segur, The Seven Crow Princes

Adrienne Segur

This is really where Art Passions started You will find Adrienne Segur's illustrations to The Fairy Tale book by Marie Ponsot.

Also: My Book of Cat Stories, The Snow Queen, Ib and Christine, and The Nutcracker.

Most recent: Added all the illustrations to L'Oiseau D'Or.

Fairy Art

Fairies and Faeries

Fairy art images collections from the illustrations of Arthur Rackham, Gustave Dore, Edmund Dulac, and others.

Also: A special collection of Rackham fairies only.
Main Fairy Page (with artist sublinks)
Uncataloged Fairies
Virginia Frances Sterrett

Virginia Frances Sterrett

Old French Fairy Tales, Arabian Nights, and Tanglewood Tales.

Most recent: The complete color illustrations all her three published books have been added to Virginia Frances Sterrett.

Fairy Tales

Fairy Tale Art

Illustrations to the best loved fairy tales from Andersen, Perrault, Brothers Grimm, La Fontaine.

Most recent: I am working on this section so you will be able to find images by Fairy Tale as well as by Artist.

Gustave Dore

Gustave Doré

Collections from The Raven, The Bible, The Divine Comedy, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Tennyson's Elaine, Perrault's Fairy Tales, Paradise List.

Most recent: Replaced poor quality Ancient Mariner images with new scans from the 1876 elephant folio edition and completed the section. Replaced the poor quality Raven images with new scans from the 1884 edition and completed the section. Added cover scan and list of illustrations with the respective engravers.

Jessie M. King

Jessie M. King

Jessie Marion King's illustrations illustrations to Seven Happy Days and House of Pomegranates Coming soon: The Rubaiyat and The Defence of Guinevere.

Most recent: Added all the illustrations to A House of Pomegranates.

William Morris and the PreRaphaelites

William Morris

and the PreRaphaelites

Images of the patterns and artwork of William Morris and the Preraphaelites. Currently working on these pages.

Anne Anderson

Anne Anderson

Anne Anderson illustrations to Old, Old Fairy Tales, Grimms Fairy Tales, Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales.

Most recent: Also The Wonder Book, Aladdin, Mother Goose, Heidi and more. Pages to color.

N.C. Wyeth illustrations to Robinson Crusoe

N.C. Wyeth Illustrations

The online text of Robinson Crusoe with illustrations by N.C. Wyeth. Coming Soon: The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne.

Aubrey Beardsley

Aubrey Beardsley

Images by Aubrey Beardsley from Salomé, The Yellow Book, Le Morte D'Arthur, and the Victorian parodies / erotica.

Most recent: Le Morte d'Arthur images have been added to Aubrey Beardsley. The images that were causing trouble have moved to their own page. School filter software should block it.

Warwick Goble

Warwick Goble

Il Pentermone, Book of Fairy Poetry, Myths, Goddesses, Magical Creatures.

Most recent: The complete illustrations to The Book of Fairy Poetry added to Warwick Goble.

Art Passions, art images we grew up with

Kip the Enchanted Cat, by Adrienne Segur

Fairy Tales are the myths we live by.

Art Passions is primarily about artists and illustrators whose works I grew up with. I encourage you to explore this site and learn about the works of Arthur Rackham, Gustave Dore, William Morris, John Bauer, Aubrey Beardsley, Edmund Dulac, Virginia Frances Sterrett, Kay Nielsen, Adrienne Segur, Sulamith Wulfing, Warwick Goble, the Preraphaelites and others.

Currently working on: I have several incomplete projects:

The Parrish page is also getting an overhaul. I started adding to the William Morris page, but got distracted and wrote two articles.

Problems: The hosting company has implemented something called "CPU Throttling" that makes the site unavailable when traffic peaks on the server. I will be moving to another hosting company that doesn't do that when my time is up. Things will break and it will be months before I've caught all the bugs. Ideally, I'd have a dedicated server for Art Passions, but I need to either start selling more prints and tile or get another software QA job for that to happen.

    Florence Harrison (done but not up), Edward Detmold, Charles and W.Heath Robinson, Arthur Dixon.

Confused? Artpassions is just the art (the free online gallery). This page is a little chatty. Other starting points include:

General Site Layout

Art Passions (you are here): General introduction and orientation to the site, art gallery and descriptive index, a few online books, and especially the Frequently Asked Questions.

Site map (but also see visual contents section on this page) and links to resources for: books, posters and artprints, calendars when in season, out-of-print booksearch tool, web design resources, and web design portfolio.

Personal pages: How to color Ukrainian eggs, the cats' homepage, Psychology of Religion, personal and practical matters, and the kitchen sink.

What Else is Here...

It's more than just a gallery.

Artists: Some artpassions visitors who are also artists show some of their work here.

Did you know you can send a free ecard from any gallery image on Art Passions? I've started adding that feature to Artsy Craftsy as well here: How to Send a Free E-card. There was some problem with the postcard script when Art Passions moved to a new server, but I believe that's fixed.

Questions? I may have answered it in the FAQ. If not, you can write to me using the link at the bottom of this page. I can't really help you appraise art by these artists, or help you write a term paper that's due tomorrow morning.

Resources: I try to keep Art Passions non-commercial, although there are some links to Artsy Craftsy and books. Whatever resources I have for finding books or posters by these artists are listed in the FAQ, on the Books by Artist, or Prints by Artist resources pages. More and different prints are available at Artsy Craftsy. Sets of art tiles and accent tiles by these artists will eventually be available at William Morris Tile.

Viewing the images: The images will be displayed in a new window when you click on any of the links.

News!: For a few years now, I have not been able much in the way of new images due to hotlinking of images (explained in the FAQ and have even had to remove some of the most popular victims of hotlinks. However, I think I have solved this, so you will find me adding more art and artists now. I'm really happy about this.

Suggestions: Where I know of historical sites on the artist, I have linked to those. If I have missed a great site, please suggest a resource. I really value your comments and feedback.

What else? Warwick Goble, and more Celtic art that shows some of the tales that my Great Aunt Sadie used to tell (Sadie changed them every time she told them.) There are already abundant fairies and fairy tales.

Problems: Sometimes things go down, sometimes I am working on an area of the site and it's offline. So if an artist you are looking for is suddenly not available, check back in a day or two. Please do not webstrip the site. It makes me have a bad day.

Copyright questions? You can find the current state of this issue on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Some Web Resources

Favorite Web Design Resources - 15 favorite graphics design and web development resources on the web. Categories include fonts, cgi, web design guidelines, color selection guide, image viewers, sound libraries, validation, web tools. And two screen pets. Most are free.

Site Promotion Resources - 10 proven site promotion tips and resources. Proven ways to maximize your exposure on the web. Site promotion tools. Hints for ranking on the major search engines and directories.

Write to Us as webmistress and include your email address and we'll do our best to answer as soon as possible.

Please check the Frequently Asked Questions. If the answer is there, and you send me an email, I'll give you a brief answer and tell you to look there for more discussion. I get a lot of mail, and I like that. I just don't like typing the same answer over and over.

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